We get asked a lot why we only make four times a year. Here's why.

There are two parts to Paynter. There's the jacket and there's the journey. 

We love making jackets, but we love showing you the behind the scenes of the jackets being made too. It's so interesting to see the transformation as it passes through hundreds of people's hands.

We physically couldn't be closer to our clothes. But right now we're so disconnected with our wardrobe. We have no idea where the majority of our clothes have come from, where they were made, by whom, with what materials, in what conditions, how they were designed, how to look after them and even what to do with them once their time is up. 

What we're trying to do is close that gap. One jacket at a time.

If you ever buy one of our jackets we hope you’ll get to know the piece of clothing that is being made for you. From start to finish. But to be able to show you the journey takes time. That's the reason why we only launch 4 times a year, so we can take the time to show you every step of the way. 

By the time your jacket arrives with you, we hope that instead of just having a physical relationship with your clothes, it will be a meaningful one too.

Doing things this way isn’t going to get us anywhere fast. But we’re okay with that.