Happy new year! 

And what a year it has been so far.

During our first week back in the studio we were in the middle of a fitting when we looked at our phones to see there was an abnormal amount of people on our website. 

What were all of these people doing here? Where had they comes from?

A major milestone. 

Late last year were were contacted by Steven Kurutz, a reporter from The New York Times who wanted to write about the Paynter story and how we're trying to build a different type of clothing company. One that produces high quality clothing whilst creating as little waste as possible. 

We tried not to get too excited about it as we'd heard that so many stories get pulled at the very last minute.

But last Thursday, The New York Times published the article online and in print around the world. 

Oh my. 

We'll be honest, although press is so exciting it's always hard to know if it will make a difference. But every single day since the NYT article was published the response has been unbelievable. 

We're still blown away by it all.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can read the full article here. 

Thank you to everyone who has sen lovely emails or left encouraging comments on Instagram, and especially to those who have sent us physical copies of the paper! 

Behind the scenes.

For a very small company like us, this exposure has been unbelievable. 

Just as we thing everything is about to calm down the story keeps gaining momentum. 

In the last five days we've had more people to our website than the last four months combined. 

We know this exposure will also bring challenges. One of which we're currently working on how to solve. We want to make sure the Paynter experience is as great whether you're new here or if you've been with us since Batch No.1.

Nothing will change.

We have no plans on changing how we do things. 

There will be no outside investment or changes of direction.

No wholesale or expansion plans. 

We will continue to produce high quality clothing with minimal waste. 

We will continue to do things in our way. A less wasteful way. 

And we will still show you your jackets being made every step of the way. 

Twenty twenty four.

We are very excited for the year ahead.

We'll be working with a handful of new fabric mills from across the world, introducing a few new styes as well as updating some of our staples too. 

We'll be testing out new ways of working and in May we'll be celebrating our 5th birthday. 

So yeah, lots to look forward to!

Until next time, 

Huw & Becky.