Batch No.3 is bigger than us. 
It's about the people behind the scenes making things happen.
Like Sergio, who runs our factory in Portugal.
He's basically the third member of our team.

And Courtney & Co, our button makers.
They are bringing an old industry back to the UK and doing it in a sustainable way.
And you, you support all of the above. you put the food on our table. 
Without everyone, this thing that we're building wouldn't work. 


This is bigger than us. Much bigger. 
No one succeeds alone. 
There is no such thing as 'self-made'.
If we want to make change. Like real change, we can't do it alone. 

We are grateful for everyone involved in Paynter. 

Without you, we'd have no one to serve. No one to make for. 
We'll never be a big brand. 
We're individuals like you.



But, with our agility, our voice and little bit of bravery, together we can move mountains. 
We can find ways to rebel. Doing things our way. Less consumption. More consideration. 
And support those who need us. The people and the planet.




We can change the course of history. Or we don't.
This is up to us. 
We make jackets. But what we really want to make is change. 

Change the way people buy clothes.
Change the way business is done. 
Change how people think about clothing. 


We're just starting out. We know that. 
But, we could never do this alone. 
This is bigger than us.