People are willing to wait for months (sometimes years) for the newest technology. But it might only last 6-12 months before it’s out of date or a new model with new features comes out.

For our most recent experiment with we wanted to see whether people were willing to wait 5 months for a jacket that would last 5, 10, dare I say 50 years.(*)

Our job as a clothing brand isn’t just about making quality products that would last, it’s also our job to experiment with ideas and learn from different industries to get people excited for sustainably made products that will continue to be used as new trends and technologies come and go.

We’re not going to win the battle of fast fashion by being boring and traditional.

We need to learn from the Teslas and the Apples of the world, but put our energy towards making products that will outlast all of the devices in our pockets.

In the end, this is one big experiment. And we learn more with every jacket.

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(*) If you’ve not heard about our new Pre-Order system for Batch No.5, this was a concept we experimented with to gauge interest before ordering our fabric. It was an experiment in demand. An experiment in patience. And as always, an experiment with the aim of no-wasted jackets. Hundreds of people said yes to this trial, and we will be making more for general release on 7.11.20