Before photographing anything we make, there's a lot of jobs to do. Finding locations, asking friends to model, sourcing props (like a kayak in Batch No.4, or painting easels for Batch No.7). And then there's the styling. We do all the jobs ourselves because we like to keep things simple. Deciding what everyone will wear starts with our own wardrobes: the items we've already got, and we'll ask friends to bring alone 'those jeans'. It doesn't get more complicated than that.

This time we decided to challenge ourselves. How many fits could we find for the Car Coat from our own wardrobes? One day later and we'd found almost 50 ways to wear the Wilton Car Coat. That day has set a new record for a messy flat and has shown us just how flexible this cornerstone coat can be.

Here they are, the outfits that made the cut. Featuring items from our wardrobes alongside bits borrowed and plenty of vintage. Hopefully it'll help you style your Wilton, or give a few ideas for the things you've already got at home.


Nice and simple, a black dress worn with a black wool rollneck and boots from Miista

Deep dark navy, paired with Japanese Denim. The Denim Jacket is ours from Batch No.9. The Wool trousers are from Fursac. The white tee is ours too, we'll be bringing them back fairly soon.

Bright Bill's Blue pairs with Navy or Beige like a dream. Fern is wearing a Sunspel knit with a cuban shirt made by us and a pair of vintage officer chinos from House of Vintage.

And here's Bill proving his point with Classic Beige. Batch No.1 is worn alongside a pair of Orslow jeans, Chuck 70s Converse and our white tee again. 

Layering with our Tiger Camo, ecru denim, a soft vintage cotton shirt with a great collar and more Chuck 70s.

Our dark navy looks very crisp with ecru, or a soft fatigue pant for a toned down version. Try with a woollen knit or a hoodie. The cap is from Awake New York.  

One of Becky's favourite pairs of trousers are these corduroy Magda pants by Bug. Worn here with either a knit by Toast or one of our cuban shirts and Miista boots.

George is wearing a battered rugby shirt with vintage wool trousers and New Balance. So comfy.

Meanwhile Fern is back in the cuban shirt and is wearing it with this knitted vest by Inverallan X Colenimo, raw denim by Studio Nicholson and New Balance. 

George is wearing our Tiger Camo Field jacket over a navy knit with those same Fursac wool trousers and Salomons.

A favourite option for a cosy winters day in the studio and I've worn it a lot since the shoot. The trousers are from Toast and the bag is made by a friend of ours Kingsley Walters.

Don't worry, George wouldn't actually ride his bike with no mudguards while wearing Beige. But for the purpose of this photo, he's back in those Fursac wool trousers and a bright vintage sweatshirt underneath. 

In this outfit Fern has actually borrowed Huw's Navy woollen jumper and it's worn with ecru jeans and loafers from Dr Martens.

There's no such thing as too much navy. Let us know if you agree. You could even add a Navy cap if you were so inclined.

This time we've paired the Tiger Stripe jacket underneath, with the vintage officer chinos from House of Vintage, Navy New Balance 990s and a flat white from Wilton Way Deli. 

George is back in his wool trousers, chuck 70s and this time with our vintage wash Japanese denim jacket worn underneath. 

Classic Beige is so good for pairing with patterns. On the left is a vintage RRL fairisle vest found on Marrkt

You could try a lot of these ideas with a hoodie. This one is from Champion.

A bandana print noragi layer is perfect underneath either the classic beige or the dark navy. We found this one on Grailed

George is roadtesting a future Oxford shirt here with a chunky Acne Beanie and loafers. Dad Style.

We took so many photos that day that it started to go dark and Fern was actually wearing two dresses here for a quick change. You can't tell can you?! The one you can see is from Ganni, with a white wool roll neck and Miista boots. 

Worn at The Spurstowe pub on Wilton Way, George is in a vintage western shirt from Marrkt and those wool trousers. They're getting a lot of airtime!

At our favourite restaurant Little Duck The Picklery George is wearing Batch No.10 over Batch No.1. 

It's Fern's turn to wear woollen trousers and these are classics from Toast. Worn with a black vest (not recommended until the weather warms up) and a vintage belt from Notting Hill market.

George wasn't a fan of this one but Huw loved it. We'd love to know what you think of 50 shades of beige.

A change of denim & shoes makes a hell of a difference. Boots or trainers? Ecru or raw denim? The decision is yours. 

Here, George is wearing our dark rinse Batch No.9 Japanese denim jacket over a white tee.

A hoodie is one way to warm up. Another is to carry a hot water bottle at all times, we tried that later on, just keep scrolling.

Changing one layer can change a lot. Swap the Tiger stripe for denim or a hoodie and you've got another day's outfit.

If you've scrolled this far, you're looking at a sneak preview of our next corduroy chore in Teddy Brown. 

These fatigue pants go so easily with denim and a cap can change everything. This one is from Human Made

Not a great option if your surroundings are muddy but if you can, why not go for ecru layers underneath.

There's no rule against a cap with a suit. George is wearing a Fursac suit with the Awake New York cap. 

You wouldn't wear the coat with a suit everyday, so this time is more chill with a flannel shirt, raw denim and New Balance.

Fern is wearing Huw's knit with ecru denim and our Kingsley Walters bag (again).

Another option for a rugby underneath. This one is a beat up one from Noah, and Rowing Blazers do good rugbies too.

You've already seen this with the Navy Car Coat, but we wanted to show how good it looks with Beige too.

You can't argue with Bill's Blue as a layer underneath anything. Or over anything for that matter. Bill's Blue will be back later this year. 

George is wearing a vintage western shirt and wool trousers.

This knit. It made it's way into the denim shoot too.

If you're brave enough for an ecru jean, you won't regret it. 

Here we tried layering the Batch No.6 in Ecru underneath the Classic Beige. 

Told you. It was a cold day so this came in handy! So did coffee. Thank you Fran & family at Wilton Way Deli.

The all-ecru look works well with dark navy over too. A vintage scarf is coming in handy and making things feel a little Parisien. This one is from Liberty and was given to me by a good friend, Iona. She found it on eBay.

If you've got our Field jacket, try layering it underneath the Car Coat. If worn together you'd have 10 pockets to choose from. Good luck finding your card.

We're back in Bug's Magda pants here and a knit from Toast worn as a sort of 'scarfdigan'.

We *had* to try this.

Thank you George & Fern for trying on so many outfits in one day. 

And thank you Jim for keeping warm while we ran in and out of the house changing.

The step count that day was 19,417 and we got there by using almost every wall locally to Wilton Way as a backdrop. 

If you've got this far, you might be interested in our Wilton Car Coat. It launches on Saturday the 29th January at 9am GMT. For more information, sign up to our newsletter or drop us a DM / email :-)