Over the last 9 months we’ve been experimenting with different ways to wear The Field Jacket. Dressing it up and down. In good weather and bad. We found a lot of ways to wear it. But we wanted to know how others would wear it too. So we asked our well-dressed friends to put together outfits for The Field Jacket.

We’ve enjoyed seeing how photographers, artists, trend forecasters, musicians, spoon carvers, chefs, and entrepreneurs would wear it.

Good News. It’s just as versatile as we’d hoped. 

Andrew Paynter.



We first met Andrew through his photography work for Hiut Denim, in West Wales. A few years later, in the very early days of jacket making, we were both at The Do Lectures and got chatting to him over a coffee. He told us how he finds old pieces and has them tailored to suit his fit, and his role as a film photographer. He might get a piece made with long pockets, to house his film, and everything he carries with him on a typical shoot. We loved Andrew's approach to well made clothing, with no detail overlooked. That's why we asked him if we could name our company Paynter. Luckily for us, he said yes.

I like to wear plain t-shirts. I grew up in a town that famously made them. I have since grown fond of Ralph Lauren’s simple plain white t-shirts, which I discovered at my friend’s old shop in SF, Unionmade. 

I would also put another layer underneath the military coat as it gets cold in SF year around. I love my friend’s line out of Brooklyn called The Hill-Side. They’re two brothers that design a small line of their take on basics and beyond. I have one of their denim jackets which is one of my faves. They designed it and used fabric from a special mill in Japan. The pockets fit film and even small cameras! 

RRL hands down make my favourite chinos. They’re made with such durable material for us on the go people raising kids, skateboarding and taking photos ! The design is taken from an old military chino with a slight update in the silhouette.  I think a khaki chino is great with all of this, as I often wear that pant and colour way.

I don’t really accessorise, unless you want to count a Leica M6 camera an ‘accessory’ or perhaps this tote bag which I often carry my cameras and stuff in.

I’ve always loved Converse sneakers since I was a kid. I fact, I often tend to wear them over Vans, especially when skateboarding. I usually like the old Jack Purcell low top sneakers in white (I know, I’m boring). I have such flat feet, so these shoes and their design are quite suitable for me.


Hannah Cousins.


Hannah is a printmaker and illustrator with a fondness for all things California. Last year she published her first artist's book titled Coastline, which documented a journey down the California coast.

I'd wear the Sand or Olive jacket from Batch No.3, alongside a plain linen or cotton tee. Everlane make great T Shirts. 

On top of my tee I'd wear a turtle neck jumper. This one from Micaela Greg is perfectly cropped, with sleeves that won't bunch up underneath a jacket.

A great pair of high-waisted jeans from Levis. I love wearing my white pair all year round, but you could opt for a medium or light blue wash here too. I buy mine from flea markets (or eBay) but these Reformation ones are cool too, if scouring for a vintage pair isn't your thing

I have a pair of silver Sophie Buhai hoop earrings that I wear nearly everyday. Her pieces are all made here in LA and you feel like you’re wearing a little piece of sculpture.

This Ozma of California silk bandana is very versatile, I like to tie my hair back with it or knot it loosely around my neck.

I feel like this outfit can be worn almost all year round, with a change of footwear taking it from season to season. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of flat or heeled boots and this APC pair are both timeless and practical.

For that awkward transitional weather, reach for your classic Converse hi-tops, or on a warm day choose a simple pair of sandals.

Olly Rzysko.


Olly is the CMO of mahabis, co-founder of Offset.Earth and previously causing mischief at Primark and Haeckels. Most importantly, he's the father to Ula and husband to Hannah, he says they are the best jobs he’ll ever do.

"Ok, I’m going to assume the role of styling the Mustard colour… because it is my favourite"

Due to the rest of the outfit being a bit more unique, lets keep t shirts simple, two options from me. The seaweed fibre t shirt from Pangaia in Off White. I love what this business is doing right now and the product is hands down the best I’ve seen for some time. Or a Gel Cream T Shirt - I love Yana’s work, this original merch is really odd, and nobody will understand it unless they know Gelcream. Occasionally someone sees me wearing mine and gives me a nod, it’s like the Paynter community. 

Layered with a good denim shirt, I’m choosing this one from Saturdays NYC.

Next, I love Nigel Cabourn, both the product and his personal style. So I’m going to pair the field jacket with a pair of his dungarees but worn slightly over sized and if you’re going to do it properly, give them a rinse in the sea and let the salt give the fabric some character.

Accessories. Ok this is important. I am honest, I am 37 and my hair isn't what it was. So, I wear a hat a lot. It covers up the bald patch and gives me some confidence. Im ginger, losing your hair is hard enough but when it is such a big part of your identity it is even more weird.

A hat - one company resides on my hat rack, Goorin Bros. I am lucky, I go to Austin every year for SXSW and their store there is magnificent. Each year I treat myself to a new hat and they service my old ones, reshape them and clean them up for me.

Glasses - Judd Medium in Quartz, from Cubbits. I do look like a prat in mine but I love them.

Tote bag - I’ve been buying ASSC since it launched, people moan about the wait for delivery but I kinda love that they dont give AF. I have the camo tote and use it daily and it gets some nice comments. It beats a Sainos bag for life.

Pocket Square - I saw a guy with a pocket square in a denim jacket about ten years ago. Since then I’ve worn one in nearly every jacket. For the mustard I have chosen this one from Simon Carter.

This watch from Tag Monaco. A serious investment piece but I remember seeing this watch in GQ when I was a teenager and I still think it is the most wonderful piece of design.

Socks - I'd choose these from Arket. Lovely and well priced too. Don't be the guy in the novelty socks.

Two options from me on footwear. Bobbys from Grenson (I got married in Grensons). They were the first decent shoe I ever bought and the service and quality blew me away. A beautiful business built with love.

Or Classic Mocs from Redwing in Briar with the yellow laces. Mine are 5 years old and still getting better by the day. 

Xanthe Gladstone.


Xanthe is an organic vegetable farmer and freelance chef, living and working between North Wales and London. Together with her partner Hugo, they've set up Knuckle, a sustainable supper club brand. 

"My outfit would be quite practical because I work on my feet all day either in the garden or kitchen. I love investing in well made, ethical and sustainable brands that may be more expensive but I can wear for years, guilt free, and they get better with age. This specifically relates to the trousers and jumpers that I wear. "

I've got a pair of MHL workwear trousers I got 3 years ago and I love how they look the more I wear them. Or, a pair of black cords from Engineered Garments for a smarter London look.

I would wear a Knuckle t-shirt, plugging aside I just love wearing them.

And a grey roll neck jumper from Toast, or my Black Barena jumper, a hand-me-down from my dad. 

I'd then choose a beanie from Story MFG and a Shetland orange scarf that I picked up from a small wool factory on the Shetland Islands.

For shoes, my Blundstone thermal boots because nothing beats them!


Arran Cross.

Arran is a photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of the Sheffield based creative agency Department Two. He's a menswear enthusiast with an ever-growing collection of vintage and military outerwear.

"I like military jackets because of their functionality and the rugged styling. When I’m on set I need a lot of pockets and something that’s hard wearing if I'm scrambling around on the ground or up and down ladders. I have a particular love of jungle jackets - perfect for layering in the colder months but also throwing on over a t-shirt in the summer when the evening gets cooler".

Royal Navy Submariner Rollneck by Broadway & Sons 

As far as knitwear goes, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the original Royal Navy jumper. Originally made for submarine crews from 100% lambswool with a chunky roll neck the submariner is extra warm and super stylish. Available at all good surplus stores but they come up big so size down. 

Slim Fit Selvedge Raw by TWC

The workhorse jean. 13oz denim sourced from Okayama and manufactured in Japan with extra clean raw denim. Looks great with almost anything and only gets better with age.

100lb Coal Tote Red by Best Made Co

A big pop of colour from one of my favourite brands. Helps you carry your life along with you in almost indestructible fashion. 

Navy Waffle Knit Beanie by Aime Leon Dore

The perfect accompaniment to the field jacket and submariner knit, this watch cap in navy from Aime Leon Dore will look great on your head or tucked into the pocket of your field jacket.  

Kelso Boot Walnut by Sanders 

Hand made in the UK with a Goodyear storm welt and hard wearing pebble grain leather, totally weather proof with a well-gripped sole. They’ll take some breaking in but they’ll be comfy as well worn slippers after a while. The chestnut leather looks great with the raw denim. 

Hugo Ross.

Hugo is a designer and Co-Founder of Knuckle, he's keen to give veg the spotlight and work with his girlfriend Xanthe.

I'd wear an Olive jacket from Batch No.3 with...

Made in the UK, New Balance 991s

My wax cast brass plautus face bead bracelet from Tender

A country wool check fringe vest by Kapital

A T shirt from Knuckle

Orslow 107 Jeans

And a Norbit bush hat

Jessie Mackie.

Jessie is an assistant buyer at Reformation in LA where she's been living for 2 years after moving over from London. 

"I believe in buying less but better and am trying to support the 'one in, one out' rule in my wardrobe. Everytime I buy something new (or new to me at least) I try to sell something I own that I no longer love to make room for it -a good rule to live buy if want to keep your wardrobe organised and make some money to pay off the new items!"

For a day time look, I'd wear:

Batch No.3 in Olive.

With a White tank, by The Link by K, Re/Done or a Hanes multi pack.

Black Leather Pants, ideally vintage. I found mine for $40 from my local flea market.

Converse Chuck 70s High Tops.

Or for a going out look, I'd wear:

A cream turtle neck, like this one from Reformation.

With a black miniskirt  from Reformation.

And knee high boots by Anny Nord.

Luke Sital-Singh.

Luke Sital-Singh is a singer songwriter of sad songs. You can listen to his music here

"I’m definitely something of a uniform dresser and jackets feature heavily in my wardrobe. Because I work from home a lot, or spend long days travelling on tour, comfort is key. I wear the following outfit and then throw on a jacket when I leave the house to feel a little more presentable. I’m lucky enough to own a black Paynter jacket from batch 1 and it has become my go-to!" 

Plain Cotton Tee from Mollusk

I've got a dark grey cashmere jumper that I've worn to death and repaired a few times. This one from Patagonia is very similar.

Black jeans go with everything. These are my current favourites because the fleece lining feels like you're wearing pyjamas.

I used to be a 'boots guy' but spending the majority of my time in thirty degree heat means I've become a 'vans guy' by necessity. 

Sunglasses are essential here in Southern California. This Geoff McFetridge X Warby Parker pair are my favourites.


Sophie Sellu.

Sophie is a designer and maker of idylic wooden goods, from spoons to brushes, bowls to vases. We've adored her work for a long long time. She's put together two looks for how she'd wear Batch No.3, inside and outside of her studio.

"When I am woking I have to be practical, my workshed is quite cold so comfort and practicality is key. If I am heading to the timber yard or out in the woods collecting logs I need to have lots of pockets for various things, tape measure, knife, chalk, a pencil normally lives in my hair".

In the studio:

High neck layer, usually a Heat Tech one from Uniqlo

With dungarees from Spry Workwear. My trousers always have turn-ups, partly because I am 5'11 and can never find trousers the right length! 

I hate taking out a bag, I never need one but always have my Anna walker purse on me, would fit perfectly into the field jacket pocket. 

My Doc Martens. I've had a pair I have owned for 10 years. It's nearly time to upgrade them.

 If I'm not working, then I'd style the Field Jacket with...

An oversized white shirt from COS, maybe with a roll neck underneath. I'm a big fan of a high neck.

Black Levi Jeans with turn ups.

Karina Banks Silver 'S' Necklace

Ara the Altar recycled silver earrings

Mathew Spade.

Menswear and interiors enthusiast Mat says he sees the field jacket as an all year rounder, but he's stuck to the cooler times for his choices.

I'll start with a high crew neck white tee, one of these from Hanes or Urban Industry

Over that I'll grab a 1/4 zip off white fleece from Arket

As I’ve got older I’ve found myself wearing less and less denim, which is weird because I’d generally say I’m a lover of the blue stuff. So I’ve found a middle ground with leg wear lately; the mid to heavy work trouser. Neatly hemmed or cut off, in a dark beige or grey. And let there be lots of pockets.

When it comes to accessories I like to be prepared rather than doing it to funk up the fit. A beanie hat is a must for anyone with a head that is modelled on Richard O’Brian — sitting about my ears but not a tiny one, I like them with a bit of poof.

A sturdy tote bag from Porter is my thing at the moment, as well as specs for seeing, and lambs wool fingerless gloves for extra movement.

I’m yet to find the perfect winter shoe. Back in the day it was Doc Martens, then they were replaced by Red Wings. Now none of them really tickle my fancy to be honest, so I’ve resorted to a pair of OG Reebok Club C in the 1985 chalk colourway.

If it’s sunny maybe I’ll wear a pair of Converse Chuck 70s in Cornflower yellow or Vans Old Skool in marshmallow.

Socks are important too, I still to a stick beige colour theme for that. It works for me! 

Cal Geary.

Cal has become a friend since him and his partner Heidi have supported us from Batch No.1. We love the way they buy a jacket to share, and wear it day in, day out. 

I'd wear a chambray shirt underneath the Field Jacket, it's a favourite of mine due to it's versatility.

As a self-confessed denimhead, naturally my first choice is a pair of jeans. My go to choice is a relaxed tapered pair, like the Full Count 1100w-WWII 19 or for the summer days, a light pair of slacks is your friend.

For accessories, a bandana or neckerchief works very well, particularly to add an accent colour. I've also become a big fan of headwear. A retro-style baseball cap or knitted watch cap would my choice here.

Chukkas may be the classic footwear choice for such a casual outfit, my favourite version being the Yuketen Tokyo DB chukka, but they're very pricey. The Redwing Moc Toe is also a great choice at a slightly less head-spinning price.

Marcel Hermkens.

Marcel likes pure, raw, clean, simple and well made clothing. Here's how he'd style Field Jacket in the Sand colourway.

For a casual look I'd wear a plain white short-sleeve tee, from Benzak Denim Developers or Merz B Schwanen.

When I'm wearing a long sleeve T Shirt I prefer it striped. Stipes work well with jackets. The fit of this one works best for me. But then again, almost every brand has striped T Shirts in their collection.

When I need to dress up a bit for work, The Field Jacket will be a perfect piece to do so. I like to wear a simple white shirt with a curved cutaway collar. This white oxford traveller shirt is 100% cotton and doesn't need to be ironed. Plus, Suit Supply is a member of the Fair Wear foundation.

Bottoms is simple for me. I always wear Selvedge Jeans. I really love the evolution of raw denim and like to create my own wear patterns. For a more slim fit I wear a 13 Oz Lean Dean Dry Japan Selvedge. For a more relaxed fit I wear a 13.75 Oz 101S. During winter I wear a 15.7 Oz BDD-006 from Benzak, or my 17 Oz RGT stealth black SK slub.

When it comes to accessories, simplicity and quality are key for me. I like to combine your jacket with Omega Seamaster with a handmade leather strap from Sanders. Pocket sqaures in every size and colour. This scarf from Indigo people are really cool too. And a vegan leather belt.

When it comes to footwear, for a casual look I always grab my Converse Chuck 70s in white or red, or Reeboks. When I'm dressing up I'll grab my Wolverine 1000 Mile Brogue boots. Or these boots by Tricker. And my Redwings do the trick.


Huw Thomas.

Huw - Co Founder of Paynter. 

"Navy is always my go-to. So I'll work with our Batch No.3 jacket in Navy for this style guide".

Underneath I'll wear a merino T Shirt by Outlier, with a grey hoodie by Aime Leon Dore over the top.

I'm obsessed with the Soulive damaged denim jacket so I'd definitely layer it underneath the Field Jacket.

My Hiut Denim SlimR selvedge jeans will be perfect, with a pair of Corgi skull socks. Both made in Wales.

On top, I'll wear a Le Bonnet beanie in the 'wine' colour, and on my feet I'll be wearing Redwing Iron Ranger Boots in 8083.


Becky Okell.

Becky - Co Founder of Paynter.  

"When it comes to choosing an outfit, I can be indecisive at the best of times. That's why I've decided to style three of our four colours. Other than changing my jacket, I repeat a lot of the same basics, like favourite white shirts and knitwear, so you'll see plenty of pieces being worn and worn and worn".

Underneath I've chosen a white shirt by Ganni, because I love a frilly white neck.

Over the top, I'd choose this amazing brushed green jumper by Genevieve Sweeney. The quality is like nothing I've ever worn. 

My APC half moon bag comes with me everywhere, everyday, and these Made in England Doc Martens.

My best fitting jeans come from ReDone, they were an investment but fit very well and are super soft. I love that they're made with denim from old Levi's.

A bandana is always a good idea. I'm dying for one of these by Apprvl - they're natural dyed and chain stitched. Yum.


And that's that. 94 hand drawn illustrations later. We seriously hope this style guide was useful, if you've got ideas for how to wear the jacket that you'd love to share, please drop us a DM on Instagram. 

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Launching 9am (GMT) on 25th January, 2020.