Inside every jacket is our distinctive red square.

With every Batch we invite a creative to put their perspective on it. We set very few boundaries and give the artist a blank canvas to create within.

Scrolling back to February 2020 when we set Evan the brief for this little red square, we talked to him about resistance.

Resistance is the stuff that gets in the way of everything you’re trying to work on.

It’s the silent enemy that tells you to do it later, or that you’ve got too much to lose by trying.

The more resistance we feel is probably linked to how much we love the thing we’re trying to create.

This little red square is a reminder inside your jacket to pick the idea that most excites you and terrifies you.

See the resistance, and face it. Commit to sitting with it and fighting it everyday.

When we sit down to do our work, undeterred by distraction, something magical happens. We find more ideas. Until tomorrow, when the sneaky bugger is back and we have to fight all over again. Repeat enough times and we’ll do our best work.


The concept of the label is inspired by The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, who’s book says amongst many things;

‘Don’t let resistance cheat you of what you were supposed to bring to the world’

Batch No.5 will be made in limited quantities in a men's and women's fit.

Jackets will be available to order on the 7th of November at 9am GMT, then made to order.