If you've been around since the beginning, you'll know Paynter started out as a side project while we both had full-time jobs.

Side projects take you down new rabbit holes.
They're led by curiosity.
There's no pressure. 
No plans for world domination.
Just a lot of learning. 

In the beginning, we were trying to find a new way of doing things in our industry, treating it like an experiment. We had one goal: Less Waste.

15 months of obsession later, Paynter turned from our side project to our full-time thing. Making space for something new. Which got us thinking.

What if Paynter had its own side project? 

One that could test out new ways of doing things. Internal design briefs with souvenirs of each story. Sometimes we'll share those souvenirs as products. Sometimes we'll only share the learnings.

Side projects within companies can produce amazing things. Google Maps, Gmail, Twitter and Slack were all side projects started within companies. (Aim high, right!?)

Introducing Paynter Experiments. 

A side project by Paynter.

So here we are, about to head down that rabbit hole again. Where it will lead us, we have no idea. We're just going to follow our noses on this one.