We made this jacket purely for the love of it.

It started by accident. 6 months ago, we were in the mill where our original Applecross fabric was being woven. Before we headed to the production floor, we waited for Baltazar in their archive room with a coffee. You can’t leave us in a room like that and not expect us to have a good rummage!

Amongst the swatches, we found a patchwork that had been out of production for a long while, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Ask Huw and he’ll tell you, it quickly became an obsession. A few days later, home in London and isolating after the visit, I was still dreaming in patchwork, wondering how we could get it back into production. 

At this point, I should say we’d only seen a swatch no bigger than 20x20cm. So we really didn’t know how it would turn out.

Risky? Perhaps. 

One for the bold? Definitely.

But then, risk runs through our business like coffee through Huw’s veins.

And we weren’t the only ones taking a risk.

To remake this fabric, it took over 5 hours just to set up the machine with 3,000 threads, each one individually tied in by hand.

You don’t do that for any reason other than love.

Love has always been a driver of risk.

How many things have you done on account of that four letter word?

And so we agreed that for the love of it, we’d bring this beauty back.

In two colour ways, tweaked and made bespoke for us.

With no idea how they’d turn out, we decided this should be our first Micro Batch.

And when we say micro, this is tiny. We've made a total of 25 jackets, split between the two colours, in our men’s and women’s Applecross sizing.

As there are so few jackets, and with previous Batches selling out in minutes, we wanted to level the playing field by using a raffle system that’s fair for all.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter the raffle, but if you win, we’ll be in touch to complete the purchase.

Check out the collection here.