Paynter X Greater Goods.

Do these camp stools look familiar?

If you remember our Tiger Stripe Field Jacket, then you'll recognise these offcuts we've used to make our latest collaboration with Greater Goods. 

Every time we make a jacket there are offcuts.

It's a natural part of the cutting process.

Normally, our factory collects the offcuts and sends them to be recycled into new thread locally.

But this time, we asked them to hold some back for us to see what else we could do with them. Even the tiny pieces.

And when we say tiny... trust me, we really didn't have much to work with.

 (Our original Tiger Stripe Field Jacket, where these offcuts originated)

Starting Paynter, our goal was to experiment with a new way of running a clothing brand that would eliminate overproduction, create very little waste and hopefully bring meaning back to clothing in the process.

That's why we've always made to order.

It means we order only the exact amount of fabric and buttons we need to make the exact number of jackets we sell. 

Offcuts get recycled, water used in the dye process is cleaned and reused on-site, and even returned jackets find a good home via wait lists.

So far, so good.

Three years in and we've got you to thank for believing a different way of working is possible. 

To carry on with the low-waste theme, we've worked with our friend Jaimus at Greater Goods on our third collaboration to turn our tiger stripe 'trash' into treasure.

The result is a small collection made entirely from offcuts.

We have 15 camp stools.

And 11 tool cases for pencils, pens, scissors or whatever else you'd like to store rolled up.

If you'd like to give one of these pieces a good home, they'll be available for £45 per stool and £25 per case, plus postage.

But, with so few available we wanted to keep things as fair as possible, so we'll be drawing names from a hat next week.

If your name is pulled from the hat, we'll be in touch on Tuesday.