Our Micro Batches are a celebration of rare fabrics, dead-stock fabrics, or fabrics we can't get many meters of. They're a chance to experiment with photoshoots too, more on that in a moment.

Micro Batches never make "business sense". They're made purely for the love of it.


This all started with a favour.

When we started weaving our heavy felted wool for our Applecross jackets last year, we asked the mill if they could make a couple of rolls of a red and black buffalo check fabric that we had been dreaming of.

We knew the chances were low because it would mean they would have to completely ignore their minimum order and setting up the machine to weave this fabric takes 5 hours of tying 3,000 ends of yarn.

Luckily for us, our long standing Portugese woollen mill, Albano Morgado, were willing to take a punt on our idea and so we bought as much Buffalo check as we could afford.

Enough to make 150 jackets.

A fashion-proof fabric.

The red and black Buffalo Check is a plaid we've admired for years. It's a timeless, fashion-proof classic.

A lot of people assume this iconic pattern originated from America to keep lumberjacks visible. But no. It's actually of Scottish origin.

In fact, it's inspired by the 'Rob Roy MacGregor' tartan to be exact. And it dates back to 1704. 

Meet Rob Roy...

One for the Purists.

So, Rob was bit of an outlaw. He was known as the Scottish Robin Hood. 

Now I'm guessing, but I don't think he'd have been happy with most of the red and black check woollen fabrics made today.

More and more woollen fabrics woven today are blends. They're not 100% wool.

They're made with a bit of wool and large amount of nylon, acrylic or polyamide mixed in.

Why? It's cheaper. Much cheaper.

But this wasn't a direction we wanted to go down. (I'm sure old Rob Roy wouldn't have settled for a wool blend either).

We wanted our Buffalo Check Applecross to be made with 100% wool of the highest quality. 

The Buffalo Check Applecross Jacket.

After months in the making, our Buffalo Check Applecross Jackets have arrived from Portugal and we couldn't be happier.

Our mill made them using a heavy (20oz) tightly woven double-face lambswool that will keep you warm for years to come.

Each one finished with Italian Cobrax snap buttons and they're fully lined inside with a soft plain black lining.

Limited availability.

We have made only 150 jackets in total.

There are 100 in our mens fit, and 50 in our women's fit.

And since they're already made and ready to send, we'll be delivering these jackets next week.

If you'd like to learn more about how to get your hands on one of these jackets, please read below.

Something new.

You might spot something else very different about this campaign. 

Instead of doing a photoshoot for this Micro Batch, we've done something we'd never tried or seen done before. 

Our first fully illustrated campaign, by NYC-based illustrator Ilya Milstein:


The Micro Batch Way - Entries Open Now.

As there are so few jackets available, and as our previous Applecross Micro Batch had over 900 people on it's waitlist, we wanted to level the playing field by using a raffle system that’s fair for everyone.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter the raffle, but if you win, we’ll be in touch this Saturday the 18th March to complete your purchase. 

The way it works is simple.

1, Click the button below to see the fits available, click the one you prefer.
2, Enter the raffle for your favourite fit and size.
3, Once the raffle has ended, we will randomly pick 150 people to be able to buy a jacket.
4, If you win, we'll be in touch on Saturday to let you know. (It's worth keeping an eye on your spam folder to make sure you don't miss out).
Each jacket will cost £255 and our full exchange & returns policy applies. 

Click here to enter the raffle for the Buffalo Check Micro Batch.

The raffle is open now, and closes at 9am GMT, Saturday 18th of March.