Hello, this is a quick note about making things a little easier for everybody.

We've just introduced a new way to pay for our jackets, it's called 50/50, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The idea was sparked by our customers, asking we'd ever give the option to pay 50% upfront on placing the order, and the remaining 50% while their jacket was being made.

As everything we make is made to order (more about that here and why / how it works) we thought that was a great idea.

We thought that seemed very fair, because actually it's exactly how we work with our suppliers too. When we have fabric woven for us, that's how we pay. And when we order the jackets from our factory, we do the same. Fifty fifty.

So. Pay 50/50 is born.

Our first iteration on the idea is simple.

When pre-ordering a jacket, you can either choose to pay in full upfront or split your payment in two by using the code '50/50' during checkout.

Please note - If you do not complete this second payment, your jacket will not be shipped and your first payment will be refunded.

We hope the new system will work well, and as ever, we're open to your feedback so we can keep developing it over time.

If you have any more questions, or ideas, please get in touch.

Becky + Huw