Batch No.1 was a celebration of French workwear.

Batch No.2 was a celebration of French and American workwear, combined. 

For Batch No.3, we have gone deep into military style and come out of the other side with a refined, paired back jacket that takes the best of two styles we know and love.

It's surprising how much of your wardrobe is military-inspired and you probably don't even know it. 

White t-shirt? Military.


Chinos? Military.


Tote bags? Military.


Desert boots? Military. 


Liam Gallagher's parka? Military.


Doc Martens? Military.


Even Burberry, one of the biggest luxury clothing brands in the world was built on a single trench coat that was designed and built for... the military. 

The style is a cornerstone of our wardrobes. 

It's just as important as workwear and sportswear. 

Because of what the clothing had to go through, it's some of the best-designed clothing ever made.

They went heavy on the details and didn't miss a thing. 

The results are timeless and functional pieces that we turn to, day in day out. 

But what we love most about this style is how it has evolved over the centuries as the need of the clothing changed. Every battle and every environment required different details. 

Military-style is never finished. It's always improving. 

So when it came to making our own military-inspired jacket we did a lot of digging. Lots of archive visiting. And lots of documentary watching. 

And we're sharing the whole process of designing and testing our jacket with you.

Check out Batch Notes to learn more.