Chris Delorenzo from Massachusetts is the man behind the illustrations on our woven labels, for Batch No.1. We asked Chris to illustrate how it feels when you're just starting out. With our first limited edition jacket, we wanted our label to represent pouring all your time and savings into a new project. 

Chris Delorenzo Paynter jacket co

Chris Delorenzo Paynter jacket

Throughout the project, we talked to Chris about design, and how it feels to start something from scratch. We had a look into his studio and got the chance to ask about his days as a full-time illustrator. Here are a few questions about life in the studio, with Chris Delorenzo.

What are you wearing today?

"I'm wearing what seems to be my uniform as of recent months. Since the cold weather here in Boston has kicked in you can find me wearing a crewneck sweatshirt of a nice solid hue (minimal branding), olive cargo joggers, and a fancy sneaker, today I wore the polka dotted Bodega x Saucony collaboration from a few years back. Then I throw my patagonia nano puff jacket over me"

Where do you do your best work?

"I do my best work out of the office. Well, I feel like I have my best ideas out of the office, whether I'm traveling or on beach, or at home, or out with friends or at a concert. But most of my actual work is created in my studio"

Introvert or extrovert?

"Inextrovert? I have spurts of extrovertion and days when I just want to hide."

Best trick for getting into work-mode?

"I need a good podcast to have to engage that left side of my brain while my right can create. But when I'm doing my more secretarial duties I need a glass of bourbon by my side."

App of the moment?

"I love AllTrails. I'm an avid hiker and this app lets me find trails wherever I am and also has good gps while in the woods in case I get lost. And Merlin Bird ID. I consider myself an amateur bird watcher and am alway consulting this in the wild when I spot something fluttering in the forest."

How did you get into design, and do you think you'll always call yourself an illustrator?

"I have always wanted to draw, I didn't know to what extent it would play in my professional life, but it has taken over apparently. I started in communications design wanting to become an art director because I didn't want to pigeon-holed and I liked working in a variety of mediums, but eventually the illustrator side of me took over and I found it was a great platform to explore my ideas. I hope I'll always be an illustrator to some capacity. I do my work today so that I can do more work tomorrow."

Want to see more? Check out Chris' work here.

Chris Delorenzo illustrator