Week Five - Buttons

Watch the video below to see how we dye the buttons for your Field Jacket. Note - your buttons will be deep green, in the same shape and size as these brown buttons shown in the video. 

Week Four - Sewing

Week Three - Sewing


Week Two - Cutting.

Week One - Planning the cut.

As you'll already know by now, we make to order, a process that usually takes around 8 weeks, but this time it's going to be quicker.

You see, August in Europe is a slow month, factories take two or three weeks of holiday, and we didn't want that to delay your jacket's progress. So we got a head start.

Your fabric arrived a few weeks ago, and we started to organise the cutting plan before you even ordered.

Organising the cut plan involves laying out each part of the pattern onto the fabric, making best use of the meters we have, to reduce waste.

P.s. Here's a screenshot of the cut-plan from Vanessa at the factory, who has worked out how to make the maximum jackets from the meters we had. Zoom in and you'll see the various pieces ready to be cut, for Medium & Large jackets.