Your shirt being sewn

Watch the video below to see your Sashiko Camp Collar shirt as it's sewn in our factory in Northern Portugal.

Weaving your fabric

After the yarn is hank dyed with indigo, it's carefully prepared for weaving. Watch the videos below to see the spinning, the pattern being punched into the pattern-card to prepare the loom, tying in the warp thread by thread, and finally, the weaving in action. Hopefully you'll find watching this process as mesmerising as we do. We saw the first roll of fabric being quality checked last week in Japan, and next week, all our fabric will be ready for its trip to Portugal, to our factory. 

Hank Dying your yarn

Thank you so much for your pre-order of our Sashiko Camp Collar shirt, we're so excited to be sharing the making process with you.

Our first step is making the intricate and characterful Japanese indigo sashiko cotton and it all starts with a process called 'Hank Dying' in Japan.

First, the threads are neatly prepared into 'hanks' which are long, twisted oblong shaped bundles of yarn. Preparing the yarn into hanks means that thousands of meters of yarn can be dyed without getting tangled and ending up in a big blue mess. 

These neat loops are then repeatedly dipped into baths of indigo dye until just the right shade of blue is achieved. After this, it will be steamed to set the colour. 

Press play & full screen on the video below to see the process in action: 

*of course, indigo is never really set, and that imperfection is it’s charm. The fading over time from wear makes it all the more beautiful. We can’t wait to see how these shirts will age with time