Week Six - Buttons, Rivets, Checking & Pressing

Week Four - Sewing

Week Three - Sewing

Week Two - Cutting the fabric.

Before cutting began, the Japanese denim had to be 'shrink tested'. Each roll was sent 20km up the road where testing takes place. We test each roll of fabric to see when washed, how much it will shrink in the warp and weft. Shrinkage is natural and if we factor it in before cutting, it means your jacket will come out just the right size when it's washed later on. The washing processes for the vintage wash and rinse wash are very different, so the pattern for each is altered accordingly so sizing remains consistent.

With test results back, and the pattern tweaked, the fabric was cut, making sure to lay pieces as close together as possible to minimise fabric wastage. 

Week One - The Beginning.

Thank you for your support with Batch No.9. 

This jacket has been in the works for a very long time, and for you to back our first denim jacket means a lot to us. We hope it'll become a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Before your jacket arrives with you, we're going to take you behind the scenes and into the factory so you can see your jacket being made for you.

You'll get to see the making process, as well as many of the people who are responsible for bringing your jacket to life. 

We'll be in your inbox every week with an update of where your jacket has been, and where it's headed next. Even though it's only been a few days since Batch No.9 was released, a lot has happened already, and we wanted to keep you updated.

On Sunday morning, we sent the final size and style breakdown to our factory in Portugal, and Mário (the denim Godfather responsible for making your jacket) has hit the ground running. 

He spent Monday working out the most efficient cut plan for Batch No.9, and early on Tuesday morning, the cutting began. 

Next week you'll see a video of this whole cutting process, but until then, below is a sneak peek into the factory and what Mário has been up to today. 

There's going to be a lot to show you over the coming weeks, and we'll be sharing each step of the way until your jacket is made and ready to send in November. 

If you have any questions or want to see anything in particular along the way, just let us know.