Hello, welcome to the Making of Batch No.18. This page will be updated each week until we deliver your jacket.


Week beg. 10th June 2024 - Sewing Continues & Collar Embroidery

It's the final week before your jacket is dyed. Press play below to see the zig-zag under collar stitching, followed by construction of the jacket in it's entirety, as it's fully stitched and ready to be dyed!

Week beg. 3rd June 2024 - Sewing Continues

Press play on the video below to see some serious progress in the sewing department. From labels being sewn in to pockets top stitched, shoulder seams coming together and cuffs being hemmed, you'll start to recognise the jacket as a jacket! Next week we'll be showing you the final stages of sewing before a trip down the road to the dye house later this month. Enjoy!

Week beg. 27th May 2024 - Sewing Begins

Press play on the video below to see how the inside of every pocket has been carefully overlocked for a neat, long lasting finish, before the edges are pressed and ready for pockets to join jacket fronts. Next, seam allowances are being pressed, and the collars have been attached to collar stands.

Also, while you're here, here's a glimpse into the fabric mill who made your French cotton twill for your Five Year Anniversary Chore Jacket...

Week beg. 20th May 2024 - Your Jacket being cut

It is time for a glimpse into the factory in Northern Portugal, to see the French cotton twill being cut. You'll notice that all of our fabric is white. That's because we cut and sew jackets before we dye, using a technique called garment dying which creates a beautifully soft and characterful jacket. More on that next week!

Week beg. 13th May 2024 - Your Labels being woven

Press play on the video below to see your limited edition labels being woven just down the road from our factory in Northern Portugal.

After they're woven, the labels are cut. This machine has got to be one of the most satisfying to watch.


A Big Note of Thanks

Welcome to the behind the scenes of Batch No.18.

Thank you so much for your order, we are very proud to be making for you.

Over the next few months we're going to show you what goes into making your jacket, from beginning to end. As well as some little extras. We'll aim to update this page every Friday, to show you what's been happening each week along the way until it's ready to send around July.

If there's anything you'd like to see more of along the way, please just ask, and we'll see what we can do.