Week 8 - Paynter Red & Salt & Pepper Grey Jackets being sewn

Week 7 - Sewing Part 2

This week, every Navy jacket is entirely ready and shipping is almost with us. While we send you this video, our Pine Green, Paynter Red and Salt & Pepper Grey jackets are underway. Our men's jackets will ship first, starting at the end of next week followed by our women's fit the following week. Thank you again for your patience while our factory are hard at work making the best jackets they can.

Week 6 - Sewing

From cut pieces of cloth to preparing collars, pockets, creating hang-loops, sewing the lining together and matching it to it's outer. Not to mention labels, topstitching and under-stitching. This week it's all go, watch the video below to see our French Navy marled jackets in the spotlight, followed by Pine Green, Paynter Red and Salt & Pepper Grey.


Week 5 - Cutting

Every piece that makes your jacket is expertly cut using a cutting knife guided by hand, through several heavy layers of wool each time.  


Week 3 - Fabric

One of the most pleasing parts of seeing a jacket being made is watching the fabric being woven. 

Before weaving begins, 3000 threads need to be hand-tied into the machine. That alone takes 5 hours, then once it gets going, the process is mesmerising.

Week 2 - Yarn

See bundles of wool as it's processed into yarn that is ready for weaving:


Week 1 - A look into the mill

This beautiful light room with its curved wooden ceiling is where the wool for your Applecross outer fabric is being woven right now

The process happens entirely under this beautiful roof. They take bundles of wool (thanks to the sheep who roam on the Beira Alta mountains in Northern Portugal), then spin it into yarn, weave it into our cloth then felt it, to give it the toughness, wind resistance and longevity it needs.

The first time it will leave this building is when it's a finished roll of fabric, headed a few km's north towards our factory at the end of this month.

That's what we call a vertically integrated mill:

You'll see the entire fabric making process via video, next week, but until then, we'll leave you with three facts:

1. Your outer fabric is 100% lambswool and is sourced from entirely non-mulesed sources, who can comply with the EU’s Reach 2020 certifications

2. The most popular colour was Pine Green, closely followed by Paynter Red

3. The Lucky 13th Jacket bought (and therefore refunded!) was Jay B, from Washington who got up at 1am to order his jacket 🙏


A Note of Thanks

Welcome to the behind the scenes of Batch No.13.

Over the next couple of months we're going to show you what goes into getting your jacket made. From beginning to end. As well as some little extras. We'll aim to update this page every Friday, to show you what's been happening each week along the way.

There will be a short break between Christmas and New Year while our factory closes and has a moment to put their feet up and get a much needed break.

If there's anything you'd like to see more of along the process, just ask, and we'll see what we can do.