Week 5 - Finishing & Packing

Your jacket has been through a lot and you've not even met yet, hopefully from the videos along the journey you've already started forming a friendship with your trusty denim steed! We can't wait until it's on your doorstep next week.

Week 5 - The last week of sewing & washing is in progress.

It's the penultimate week in the factory and your jacket is entirely constructed, there are just finishing touches like topstitching to do now. In this week's video you'll see the making of your tobacco thread buttonholes, trimming of loose threads and temporary buttons being attached ahead of the jackets being washed.

At this point, every jacket looks the same, whether you've ordered a dark rinse wash or a lighter vintage wash. It's during the washing stage that everything changes.


Our laundry is called Pizarro and they work for luxury brands like Balenciaga to name one of their many clients. That means we're not allowed to video inside the laundry unfortunately, but our friend inside who's in charge of quality took some footage of the process for us on his phone! What you're about to watch is the rinse and vintage washed jackets coming to the end of the wash and being dried. 


Week 4 - It's taking shape!


Week 3 - Your jacket being sewn.

We're biased, but this week is our favourite week of the making process! Now that cutting is complete, every jacket has started being to be sewn and although there's still a way to go, this is when you get a first glimpse of your jacket coming together and resembling the jacket you ordered.

Week 2 - Your jacket being cut.

After you ordered your jacket, we let Mario know how many of each fit, wash and size we wanted to order, and he got to work playing tetris - working out how to lay out every pattern piece to make the best use of our denim, with minimum offcuts and wastage.

That plan was worked out on software that's connected to his cutting machine, which you'll see in action in this week's video update. 

With each piece cut, sewing begins!

Week 1 - A Note of Thanks & Making Your Denim.

It's been a week since you ordered your Carpenter jacket (thank you!) and since then work has begun. The making of your denim actually began months ago, after trialling and testing options from 5 denim mills during January & February 2022, we selected an organic 12oz denim from Berto that looks as beautiful with a light vintage wash as it does with a dark rinse wash. Berto are based in Bovolenta, just outside Venice. Like us, they’re a small company with big ambition.

This week you'll see inside Berto Industria Tessile - the Italian mill who made your denim:

Following wash tests and trials, the 12 week fabric making process began. As you'll see in the video, it's an intricate process that can't be rushed.

With the denim ready, we like to make sure every metre is in our factory before we take any orders, so we're ready to go as soon as the Batch has been sold. Our factory don't like to wait around or twiddle their thumbs.


So on Monday, we called Mario at the factory to finalise our order. Mario got straight to work preparing the cut plan and cutting has already began. More on that next week.


Please excuse the intense soundtrack behind our video, we normally prefer to use honest sounds like the clicks and clunks of the machinery doing its thing, its magic. But we couldn't be in Italy to film ourselves and hey, it sounds really rather grand!