We make jackets in limited Batches just four times a year. They sell out quickly, sometimes in as little as 86 seconds. 

When that happens, the first question we get when they sell out is 'Why don't you just make as many jackets as you sell?'

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as you'd think. Months before a release, there is a moment when we have to guess how much fabric we’ll need to order, because it's made bespoke for us.

So even if the demand for a release was much higher than expected and we wanted to make more, we just couldn’t. We wouldn’t have the fabric to do it.

How it works.

To help us figure out how much fabric we should make, we decided to bring you in on the process earlier on, to help us gauge your interest for the jacket before the weaving process begins.

That way, you can put a deposit down to guarantee yourself a jacket, before it becomes available.

The deposit covers the cost of the fabric and guarantees you a jacket from the next Batch.

While helping us to gauge the demand, disappoint less people, and make no waste.

What does it cost?

The fabric deposit costs £75 and guarantees you a jacket. The deposit scheme is open for 72 hours typically. The deposit is then taken off your order when you finalise your choice of colour & size before the launch.

By the time the general launch comes, your jacket is already confirmed. 

Your jacket will start to be made immediately after the general release.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. If you change your mind when the photos come out, or your situation changes, just fill out the form for a refund or drop us an email to tell us you've changed your mind. You'll get 100% of the deposit refunded, no questions asked. 

When do I decide on the colour & size?

A few weeks after your deposit is paid, you'll be sent a link to decide on your choice of colour & size. There will be many more photos to see and plenty of sizing advice.

Can I still get a jacket without putting a deposit down?

Yes, the jacket will be available to the public for general release, however they tend to sell out quickly. Our last chore jacket sold out in two minutes, so if you know you'd like one then we'd recommend going ahead with the fabric deposit.