The Making of Batch No.5.

Week Eight - Making Your Jacket.

See your jacket at each step of the sewing process, right through to having its buttons attached. Next week will be a full week of quality checking before every jacket is folded and packed up. This week's video is the final one, as we're nearing the day that jackets are collected from Portugal to travel to the UK by road, a journey that takes one week.

Week Seven - Cutting Your Jacket.

This week we've been able to head into the factory to film the final jackets being cut. That means sewing has already begun and will be in full flow next week! All offcuts from the cutting process are recycled locally.

Week Six - Planning The Cut.

Week Five - A Tour of Your Jacket.


Week Four - Your Wool Being Dyed.

This week your wool has been felted, dyed, dried, quality checked and rolled up, ready to head to the factory.

Week Three - How We Choose Our Fabrics.

Week Two - Wool Weaving.

The wool for your jacket is woven in Central Portugal, by a company called Albano Morgado. They're entirely vertically integrated, meaning everything happens under one roof, from cleaning the raw wool to spinning, weaving and dying. Although the fabric making process begun in late September, it's only just coming to an end. Almost 2,000 meters have been woven for us, and since we can't be there this week to show you ourselves, we sent a local film maker to capture the last few roles being made from start to finish. The fabric you're seeing in this film is yours. Click play below to see every part of the process before the fabric is felted and dyed. 


Week One - Your jacket in the making.

Thank you so much for investing in our Applecross Jacket. Watch the video below to find out what's already happened, and what to expect from the next few weeks.